R&D Manufacture

• Manufacturing

High-quality manufacturing is the core step to satisfy needs of customers.

We strengthen the enterprise management and implement "zero defect" of FIRMAN products through advanced equipment and craft, scientific management, and multi-level quality control and guarantee system.

Since 1997, SUMEC Group has established multiple wholly-owned and joint venture plants, with core products covering Gasoline Generators, diesel generating sets (1 KVA-3000 KVA), generating and welding sets, water pump generator sets, marine generator sets, high-voltage generator sets, and heavy oil generator sets, and has been making every effort to provide customers with products with high quality, excellent performance, and perfect user experience. 

SUMEC make products be the most reliable guarantee of users' life.

• Design and R&D

We insist on innovation with users, and take advantage of the global R&D network, cooperate with partners, and explore the market direction to meet users' requirements in a rapid mode, provide stable and reliable power support for customers, and create new value objectives jointly with users.

So far, FIRMAN has the product technology R&D, test, and development capabilities, can complete product test and verification including the whole machine environment, strength and durability, engine performance, vibration noise, electronics, materials and craft, new product trial production, and calculation and analysis.

FIRMAN has obtained a variety of 91 patents.

Meanwhile, FIRMAN widely cooperates with well-known international certification authorities, and has got 79 international safety certificates and vocational certificates including GE and CETL.
FIRMAN also gets great breakthroughs in operation stability and durability:

1. FIRMAN FDG25YDS/FDG25FS Diesel Generating Set runs uninterruptedly for 1513 hours, which overwrites the latest record (1086 hours) in Indonesian Museum of Records (Muri).

2. Twelve FIRMAN 10 KV plateau high-voltage Diesel Generating Sets have implemented gridconnected generation in Changdu, Tibet with the elevation exceeding 3300 meters. The generator sets has run for accumulative 14706 hours.

3. FIRMAN 10 KW common two-cylinder Gasoline Generator and silent series have continuously run for 1000 hours, far longer than the required running time of 250 hours in the industry.