FIRMAN Generator Sets Working for the YOG

Recently, FIRMAN diesel generating sets won the bid of Nanjing Youth Olympic Center Project, a key project of the second Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2014.

The Nanjing Youth Olympic Center, with an overall floorage of about 490,000 square meters, mainly consists of the following buildings: 2 super high-rise towers (Tower A: conference hotel and supporting facilities, 249.5 meters high, 58 floors on the ground, and 3 floors underground; Tower B: five-star hotels and offices, 314.5 meters high, 68 floors on the ground, and 3 floors underground), and a 6-floor convention center which is 46.9 meters high. The district can be divided into the conference center, first-class hotels, and commercial office buildings according to different functions. The floorage of the convention center is about 80,000 square meters, and the center consists of the special conference rooms, multifunctional area, general conference area, pre-conference service area, and supporting service area. The above ground floor area of first-class hotels and commercial office buildings is about 160,000 square meters, and hotels have Chinese/Western restaurants and hotel rooms with 1,000 beds. This grand-scale project that has complex requirements on functions puts a high requirement on the safety and stability of power supply.

FIRMAN regards this project as a good opportunity to keep a foothold in the industry and support the YOG. With professional product manufacturing, excellent technical services, and rich experience in engineering, FIRMAN will, together with the YOG construction party, face the challenge of backup power-supply devices for satisfying the Olympic Center's complex requirements on functions. Based on more than 10 patent technologies (including environmental protection and energy saving) owned by FIRMAN and product features such as stable, efficient, and clean, SUMEC will stand out from the competition with many international well-known manufacturers. FIRMAN won the bid finally through providing three 2200 KVA generator sets in low-voltage parallel connection (current shunt), one 2500 KVA generator set for independent power supply, and other different solutions to meet different requirements of users on the power supply safety of the conference center and starred hotels.

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