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Power Machinery and Eelectric Power ( Area A )

3.1 C23-34


In 2014, the FIRMAN brand generator units from SUMEC Machinery & Electric Co., Ltd. achieved market share of 30% in West Africa, with YoY exports growing by 30%. For seven consecutive years we have led the rankings for Chinese export of small gasoline engines to markets in Africa. In the Nigerian market, FIRMAN has long maintained a market share of 35% - 40%. At the same time, the FIRMAN brand is now registered in 91 countries and regions across the globe, and has received filing protection from the Chinese customs. Products range across residential and commercial items including gas generator units, diesel generator units, water pumps, power welding dual usage units, high pressure units, and heavy oil units.




High-quality product manufacturing is the core step in satisfying customer demands. We have introduced advanced manufacturing equipment, implemented strict product control testing, and endeavored to promote lean management throughout the entire process, achieving a “zero defect” FIRMAN product through multiple layers of quality control and quality assurance systems. We strive to ensure that each product provided to users is of exceptional quality, outstanding performance, and optimal user experiences. We endeavor for our products to become reliable guarantees in the lives of users.



We strive to work innovate together with the users continuously satisfy user needs through global R&D networks and close cooperation with our partners. FIRMAN boasts full-process product R&D capabilities as well as product testing capabilities for machine environment and durability, engine vibration and noise, electronics materials and processes. Broad cooperation have also been launched with internationally renowned certification institutions, with 79 international safety certifications and industry accreditations having been approved, including GE and CETL.



At the same time as providing high-quality products to customers, we respond to customer needs, and have built a complete system service structure. This is also a critical reason for the FIRMAN brand to have succeeded in maintaining its strong growth. Beginning in 2010, SUMEC Machinery & Electric worked with its distributors to establish Africa’s first Chinese generating unit brand flagship store. At the same time as promoting sales, this has created a unique after-sales institution that answers questions from end consumers regarding merchandise usage, repair, and maintenance, while also providing consumers with necessary original parts.


To create the optimal consumer experience is the long-term aspiration of FIRMAN. Moving forward we will continue to pursue ongoing optimizations throughout the entire process, laying a firm foundation for exceptional consumer experiences in products, branding, and after-sales services.